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>How To Get A Deal? via livingstarbeats

>How To Get A Deal? is the question of the day!

Living Star is going to give you a few tips on how to get a deal.
If you an artists pay close attention cause this informaton will help you as an artist to get your stuff out there to the major labels. Lets get started!

Step 1: You must be ready! you must look at your self in the mirror and say i’m ready to get a record deal

Step 2: You must have a very strong fan base. without a fan base you ain’t going anywhere. (I suggest getting a good fan base first before sending out your cd to a label). Lets say you have a record company and an artist send you a demo, would you sign he or she to your label with out he or she having a good fan base. In my opinon I wouldn’t. Who will buy the albums? (no fans no record sells).

Step 3: Is your music good enough? Is your lyrics tight enough? you should ask your self that. if not, I would recommend spending some more time on your music till you feel like “This It”!.

Step 4:Have a proffesional demo kit sent out to the labels because your image is everything.

Step 5: You must look signable. The question is How much money can you bring to the table?

What You Should Have In your Kit?

1.Cover Letter

2.Demo Cd



5.Press Clippings

Remember :Everything must look proffesional, then you good to go!

Hope this will help you out on getting your record deal

Best Of Luck,
Living Star

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