Going At The Enemy

>Music & Social Shifts (a personal account) via brian john mitchell

>People are wondering why people don’t want to pay for music.  For twenty-five years music has been falling out of favor as a community event & being a community event is the secret to what made music so special & powerful & life changing.  Ask ten people under 30 to name ten albums that influenced their life, ask ten people 35 to 55 the same question.  Even the older folks who aren’t music fans have answers.  Times have changed slowly & surely.  Probably 40 years ago we could have seen the same discussion about Broadway shows (the relics of my mother’s love for musicals has me knowing a hundred songs from shows I’ve never seen that she sang to me as a child) or television programs like Milton Berle or Red Skelton or Ed Sullivan that I only know of by name.
Today it seems like as we continue to get more technologically advanced, we are continuing to get more physically & socially isolated.  Movies seem to have become something to watch at home alone.  Video games seem to be something to occupy single men’s free time.  So where are we headed?  Is Facebook as close as we get to social interaction?  Is there going to be some artistic thing that will cause people to gather together?  Will plays come back in vogue?  Will young people start to gather in cells to make their own films & music?  Will churches be the main answer to the need for social events as they were in the 1800s?  Give us 30 years & whatever it is will be so obvious that we can’t believe it ever wasn’t central or ever won’t be central to society.

Brian John Mitchell runs Silber Records & the webzine QRD & makes music as Remora, Vlor, & Small Life Form.


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