Going At The Enemy

>BearShare Sees 780% Increase In US Downloads


LimeWire falls and BearShare booms. Their daily US downloads went up from 8,000 to 62,400. This is an increase of 780%. Sadly, either there is reason to praise this statistic, since BearShare is now a legitimate service, or discount it, because file-sharers didn’t know that. They thought it was the old-version. Thus, once they find out that they can’t get free software and movies, along with their MP3s, they will jump ship.
However, not much info is available on how the new BearShare works, how exactly they’ve legalized their software, and if the fans adopting it are staying.
It sounds like they offer paid DRM laden WMA and MP3 files. From this, we can conclude that fans are now either paying for music or running for their lives.


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