Going At The Enemy

>How Artist cant get feedback on their music



Yannick, the GeneralEclectic said…
On the downside, statistical analysis is always good for creating average music best liked by average listeners because that’s what comes out when the Gaussian bell curve tolls. If I were a musician I’d rather take feedback directly from listeners who post it to me on social networking sites, then use my artistical instincts and go from there than to invest real money into some statistical research the result of which might only be discouraging instead of a good business move. Statistical analyses such as this one are tools for people selling music that do not have any enthusiasm for music in the 1st place, like major label CEOs. They can enjoy the figures without any psychological drawbacks. And if they believe them, maybe, only maybe they can create another boring little hit song from them.
I guess the old peer rated music chart system must have produced better music than the statistical approach that’s the current trend because back then, the guesses that were taken into account at least were educated guesses.

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