Going At The Enemy

>Music Industry News: LimeWire Fallout, Dazzboard, YouTube CEO Exits, iTunes Sells Free Songs & More


  Legal skirmishes over LimeWire damages ahead. (PaidContent

  • Dazzboard takes music collections to Facebook. (AFP
  • YouTube CEO Chad Hurley leaving to take advisory role (TechCrunch) They may not need Chad at the helm anymore and/or he did a great job. News stats show YouTube has hit 1 billion subscribers and is nearing profitability in large part to 500 million promoted video views.
Hypebot Favicon More Music Industry News:
  • iTunes selling free songs for 99 cents. (DigitalAudioInsider)
  • Apple doesn’t need Spotify – and Spotify doesn’t need Apple. (Register)
  • The puppet masters of the music industry. (Nouse)
  • Spira Mirabilis and the exciting new wave of young orchestras. (Guardian)
  • MySpace Redesign Squanders Huge Opportunity: Turning Band Pages Into Apps (Evolver)
  • After five years a court slams music pirate with huge fine – of $41.00 (TorrentFreak)
  • Indie music retailers lining up strong exclusives for Christmas selling season launch. (LA Times)
  • Marissa Nadler Shows How To Sell Fan Funded Albums (New Rockstar Philosphy)
  • 23Video launches – This startup allows companies to create a full, video site, with a branded player for $675 a month. (Press)

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