Going At The Enemy

>Music Industry News: Henny Replaced At Universal, Ethnic Music Stores Hurt, Learn From Swift & More


  • Universal replaces Morris’ man at CFO. (NYPost
  • Did Jammie Thomas case backfire on file sharers? (CNET)
  • Five Lessons The Record Industry Can Take From Taylor Swift. (NPR)
  • Immune to iTunes, but not the economy. A steep recession has done to the city’s ethnic record stores what a digital revolution could not. (BS)
  • Is the music business playing its last tune? Guy Hands had the right ideas in the wrong industry, says Neil McCormick. (Telegraph)
6a00d83451b36c69e20133f58067d2970b-800wi More Music Industry News & Commentary:
  • Dirpy Lets You Turn Your Favourite YouTube Videos Into MP3’s. (Techi)
  • How the blues brothers behind Chess Records made all the right moves. (Guardian
  • 5 Torrent Files That Broke Mind Boggling Records. (TF
  • Marilyn Manson: Antichrist Indie Star. (ABC)
  • 21st Century Digital Store: An interview with Missing Link Records. (MT)
  • TuneCore: Digital-distribution of music goes from fee to flat rate. (ST
  • Sifonr: File-Sharing and P2P Video Chat Made Easy. (TF)
  • Interview with Independent Musician Jon Gomm. (MV)
  • Game theory explains why some content goes viral on Reddit, Digg. (Ars)
  • A&R and the Shifting Major label landscape. (MC
  • Courtney Love: ‘I’d Like to Be Trusted Again.’ (NYT)
  • Interview Series: Changing Industries, Changing Relationships: Kristin Hersh. (Midem)

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