Going At The Enemy

>Music Industry News: Major Artists Go Indie, Slacker Radio, Kiss Video Takedown, Pop Is Dead & More


  • Five high-tech music videos that put you in charge. (CNET)
  • What Is Pop And Is It Dead? (SteveLawson)
  • All the Entertainment Gatekeepers Are Gone. (wrap)
  • Slacker Radio to Steal Spotify’s Thunder? (D&T
  • KISS Videos Removed Due To Copyright Claims. (TechDirt)
  • Major artists sign to Indie Label in JV Deal.(MV
6a00d83451b36c69e20133f58067d2970b-800wi More Music Industry News & Commentary:
  • Reshape-music, When Fair-trade Meets Music. (Press)
  • Are you a middle-class pirate? This lawyer would like a word with you… Andrew Crossley’s battle against illicit film and music downloads has made him many enemies. Is his war a just one? (Telegraph
  • Music Producer Assistant Launches Mobile App For Producers. (Press)
  • Music Industry Slams Kiwi’s Mobile Phone “Three-Strikes” Exemption. (ZeroPaid)

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