Going At The Enemy

>Why Your Website Sucks via http://www.sketchworkspro.com/


Alot of websites suck these days and we have reason to believe that, more than likely, yours does too. Here’s why.

Your website doesn’t do much

Back in the days when flash intros and animated scrolling marquees were the hottest things on earth, it was okay to have a website that was purely informational.  But now, internet users are restless. Not only do they scan through websites quickly but most of them have the attention span of 10-year-olds so just having a website for informational purposes isn’t gonna cut it anymore.  These days, your website needs to engage users, be interactive, encourage participation, entertain your users—just do something other than the tired old welcome page, contact form, and portfolio.

Your website’s not making a difference for your business

We hate to break it to you, but if your website isn’t helping your business with its bottom line, you’re wasting your time. There are a lot of businesses out here with websites that look great and provide good information, but ultimately, their business is still struggling to gain exposure, make more sales and boost their revenue. And why? Because they look everywhere under the sun for an answer to the marketing problems their facing, when the most logical solution is right in front of them: creating a company website that works for their business. And we don’t just mean making a website that looks good, but one that will help them achieve even their most difficult marketing problems. Think about it. If you need more sales, exposure, more leads, etc., why not tailor your website to help your business with those goals?

Because you haven’t hired a company like us

Okay, we’re kidding with this one, but our point is that you need to make sure you have a reliable website developer or interactive agency (like us here at Sketchworks) who not only can help you build an effective website, but can also help guide you and your business and advise you on what your website needs to stay ahead of the curve, stomp your competition, and win over consumers. This type of knowledge you can only get with a client-focused group who’s only mission is to produce money-making results for its clients.
So tell us, does your company website suck?  Leave us your thoughts in a comment below.


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