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>Introducing YouTube Trends (Feat. The Gregory Brothers)


Video: YouTube Explains New Trends Feature

image from s.ytimg.com With 35 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, keeping up is impossible. Last week, YouTube officially unveiled YouTube Trends, a new set of tools designed to help uesers stay on top of the latest popular videos and trends. What this video for an explanation of how YouTube Trends works:

>Video: Shuffle MP3s With Your Bare Hands


Ffd With the shift from physical to digital music formats, many have opined for the days when they could touch their music and hold it in their hands. The folks behind C60 Redux are looking to make that possible again.
The way it works is that they’ve embedded RFID tags within pieces of paper. Once placed on the C60 platter, they correspond with music on your computer and play it through the speakers. Due to the way that the platform is designed, laying several cards on the surface will cause each song to be played in a counter-clockwise motion. This means that you can shuffle your MP3s with your hands. This is an only a prototype for now, but one day, something like this could make its way to the market. Take a look:

c60 Redux from IDEO on Vimeo.

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>I was looking thru the intenet sites and i came across this article. Me being an artist i thought i would join him on this tough task.
here goes…..

What’s Your #1 Strategy For Converting Music Pirates Into Paying Fans?

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I’m writing a short article that highlights the strategy that artists and marketers alike use to convert music pirates into paying fans. This is an important subject that we’re all equally curious about. Leave a comment below to be included in my upcoming post. Please also leave how you’d like to be credited, as in where you work or the group that you’re apart of.